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ABN provides world class stream hosting, radio advertising and broadcast consulting services to hundreds of clients worldwide. We power streaming for FM radio stations as well as for companies, organizations and individuals who operate their own custom Internet radio stations.

Our management and consulting teams are broadcasters with decades of experience in IT, streaming, radio station marketing, programming, management, social networking, engineering, promotions, syndication, talent development and production.

We create mobile radio station apps for Apple iOS and Android devices and provide easy to use web based control panels providing revenue generating tools, station customization, listener statistics and much more.

All of our service plans are customized to your specific needs.

Our HTML5 players perform universally on all major browsers and devices natively. That means your listeners don’t have to mess around with downloading Flash plug-ins or installing special player software.

Our network is housed at major IBM owned data centers employing multi-homed bandwidth providers such as Level 3, Equinix, AT&T, Comcast business connection with a 99.99% uptime guaranteed. That means our clients and their listeners enjoy premium bandwidth with superb uptime, high performance and reliability.

We treat every client as part of ABN's own family and are here to serve you around the clock 24/7/365.

For a no obligation quote, please call (425) 954-3128 or email us.



Start your own internet or FM radio - Host your existing FM or online radio with us

Professional stream hosting and consulting for
FM radio stations and Internet broadcasters.

Africa Broadcasting Network makes it safe, simple and affordable to get started with your own Internet radio business or your own FM station up to 15KM broadcast radius, with customized pricing built around your budget. No contracts, no hidden fees, no hassles. Plus, we offer a 15 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not thrilled with our service, cancel within the first 15 days and we’ll refund your full payment.

Below are a few of the professional Streaming features you get when hosting your online radio with us.

  • Transfer your existing radio to us

  • Change, upgrade, or cancel anytime

  • We are up to date with today's technology

  • We're are headquatered in Washington

  • Become an FM Radio (15KM broadcast Radius)

  • No need to purchase expensive software

  • Impressive 99.99% uptime guaranteed

  • Free Remote Install (Optional)

  • Night clubs, broadcast your night events "LIVE"

  • Politicians, organizations: Start your own radio

  • Are you a place of worship needing a radio?

  • Are you a school, University needing a Radio?

What ABN can do for you

Are you an existing radio station looking to take your over the air radio to the internet? Are you a politician or political party, an organization, a business, a blogger, a musician, an activist, a community group or an individual looking to have your own radio station whether FM radio or Internet radio? Are you a "Night Club" looking to broadcast your night events "Live" over Internet Radio? If yes, you have come to the right place. We are in business for you.


Believe it, You are only few clicks away from starting your very own internet radio station!

1. Purchase a server / Plan
2. Configure your broadcasting software or AutoDJ
3. Let the world hear you!

Choose your preferred plan with the needed amount of listeners and desired sound quality.


$ 10.00 per month

  • Listeners Amount: *250
  • Bit rate: *128kbps
  • AutoDJ space: *None
  • Server software: *SHOUTcast v2
  • Server location: USA
  • Billing cycle: Monthly or *Yearly
* More info and Order


$ 15.00 per month

  • Listeners Amount: *500
  • Bit rate: *128kbps
  • AutoDJ space: *None
  • Server software: *SHOUTcast v2
  • Server location: USA
  • Billing cycle: Monthly or *Yearly
* More info and Order


$ 20.00 per month

  • Listeners Amount: *1000
  • Bit rate: 128kbps
  • AutoDJ space: *10GB INCLUDED
  • Server software: *SHOUTcast v2
  • Server location: USA
  • Billing cycle: Monthly or *Yearly
* More info and Order


$ 25.00 per month

  • Listeners Amount: UNLIMITED
  • Bit rate: 320kbps
  • AutoDJ space: UNLIMITED
  • Server software: *SHOUTcast v2 or *iceCast2
  • MP3 unlock key: INCLUDED
  • Server location: USA
* More info and Order
2500 +
based Servers

Everything becomes a radioDon't take our word for it, come and experience for yourself.

Once you start to use our services, you can turn: PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, iPods, iPads, Tablets, Blackberrys, Windows phones, and thousands of other devices in to RADIOS.

Not just radios but your own personalized, branded Internet radio station that goes with your audience wherever they go.
Your “radio station” can be tuned in around the world and shared over social media exponentially expanding your reach.

Apps are available to your listeners everywhere as free downloads from iTunes app store or Google Play.
Our powerful advertising, promotion and revenue generating tools can create new sales and marketing opportunities for you.


Why advertise with Africa Broadcasting Network?Reach the right audience.

We're home to today and yesterday's hot music from every corner of Africa.
Thousands of new and loyal listeners tune in to ABN Online radio daily, to hear & interact with some of the best music from Africa non stop 24/7. . .

We offer a variety of advertising options including; on-air, online and through our smartphone application. Whatever your advertising needs are, chances are we can accomodate them.


We're passionate about online radio, Africa's hit music that makes you want to dance no matter your stress level
We are also well passionate about branding on radio and direct response radio advertising. It's all we do here at ABN.


$ 25.00 per month

  • 5 Radio commercials each week
  • 30 second spots aired
  • Radio spot production NOT included
  • 6 months minimum agreement
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$ 50.00 per month

  • 15 Radio commercials each week
  • 30 to second spots aired
  • Radio spot production included
  • 6 months minimum agreement
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$ 75.00 per month

  • 25 Radio commercials each week
  • 60 to second spots aired
  • Radio spot production included
  • 6 months minimum agreement
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$ 100.00 per month

  • 50 Radio commercials each week
  • 30 to 60 second spots aired
  • Radio spot production included
  • 6 months minimum agreement
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Reach the African Market

No matter where you go in THIS WORLD where there is an internet connection … ABN's already there.
Our listeners don’t have to search for local stations, ABN online radio goes with them. At any given time, tens of thousands of people are listening to our online radio stream worldwide. You can be certain your ad will be heard by your potential customers.

ABN online radio is available on:

  • iPhones, iPad
  • Android base phones
  • Windows Phones
  • Online
  • on Xbone One

In this economy, ABN provides an amazingly cost-effective way to reach your customers. We are a serious online media that is well known to millions of Africans worldwide.

Running a streaming audio campaign with Africa Broadcasting Network, will help you reach thousands of listeners at a fraction of the cost of traditional radio, or other forms of media.

ABN - Radio Advertisement

Build a bridge to your customers by advertising with ABN RADIO.

  • How do people know to come to your business for your specific service?
  • How do you reach a global market at once?
  • How do they know your business exists
  • If you don’t ask people to come to your website, how would they know to buy from you?
  • Are you a business looking to hire talented Africans across the globe?

With radio advertising you have an opportunity to talk people and be personable with your information and invitation.
You can talk directly to them and appeal to their needs.

We offer 30 second and 60 second spot packages during any or all of our programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to air your commercials during particular dayparts, specific shows, or spaced out equally during your campaign.

IMPORTANT:: If you are ready to advertise with us, please fill out the form to the right and we'll be in touch with you.

::: We accept pre-recorded ads - We also produce professional ads :::



Request a free consultation with no obligation.
Use the form below to contact us or call: + (425) 954-3128.

We are an American Based business with operations in Africa.
We are headquatered in Seattle, Washington USA.

Thank you for contact us.